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Y. E. Torres (ms. YET) – Fire Bellydancer

Professional movement artist, instructor, model, muse & specialty entertainer:

Fire & Fusion Bellydance, Fire Eating & Fire Breathing, Rope Bondage & Pyrolesque.


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Y. E. Torres (ms. YET) is a fusion belly dancer, fire manipulator, burlesque performer, rope bunny, teacher, curator, model, muse, connoisseur of violent delights, Renegade Carnie and a very Bad Unicorn. Torres began her study of Oriental Dance at the age of 17 while attending Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts as a visual artist. After receiving a BFA in Drawing & Painting and a BFA in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas, Torres immediately returned to her dance and performance study. She is a Yoga instructor (200 RYT) and Bellydance/Fusion instructor. Torres is a Punk Rock Hoops certified hoopdance instructor, has completed Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements™ Phase 2: Cultivation, has been Level One Certified by the Suhaila School of Bellydance, and continuously trains with a cast of present day masters of the bellydance and tribal fusion forms. Torres has exhibited her visual art and dance films at universities, museums and galleries throughout the US and in Europe. She was named one of Houston’s Top “100 Creatives” by the Houston Press in 2011, awarded Houston Press’ Best Artistic Collaboration in 2013 for her participation in the performance installation “Once There Was, Once There Wasn’t: Two Tales From the Minds of Lisa Chow & Y.E. Torres” and inaugurated into the Houston Music and Arts Hall of Fame in 2016.

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ms YET provides innovative performance installations, eclectic bellydance, burlesque, flow arts & fire theater shows


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ms. YET is available for private and group instruction, solo performances and group entertainment.

Interested? Contact Y. E. Torres today!



PO Box 231532 Houston, TX 77223

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